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Russian Federation
Statement by H.E. Mr. Marder Naum, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications 


Your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues!

On behalf of the delegation of the Russian Federation let me to express our deep appreciation to the government of Portugal for the excellent preparation of the ITU World Telecommunication Policy Forum in hospitable Lisbon. We thank the organizers for the kind thoughts to us, their warm attitude and goodwill to the delegates.

 It is symbolic that the present Forum takes place in a jubilee year marked with the 150-th anniversary of prof.A.S.Popov, whose name is written by golden letters in the history of the mankind as the inventor of radio. The role and the importance of this mentioned invention is steadily increasing when the world is going forward to the global information society with the rampant development of the information technologies and their penetration into all spheres of the public life. Yesterday the participants of the Strategic Dialog not only once mentioned this.

 We have heard with a high attention and with a great interest the Report of Dr.H.Toure, the Secretary General of the ITU. We are convinced that the discussion and the examination of the themes which are reflected in the Report will contribute for the International Telecommunication Union adaptation to the todays realia, to the enhancement and optimization of its activity as well as to the strengthening of its leading position as a specialized UN Agency in the telecommunication and ICT field. I use this opportunity to mention the great positive personal role of Mr.H.Toure as a real leader of our Union which plays now an important role among the international organizations developing the international policy.

At the same time we think that on the question concerning Internet-related public policy matters the ITU has much more abilities than to discuss in ITU Council Working Groups and to develop the general recommendations. It is necessary to develop the mechanism to implement these recommendations. Internet has become a global project and for its development it is necessary to take into account the opinions of all interested parties and first of all those of the states. ITU should play an important role in the questions of Internet governance as it is stated in the World Summit on Information Society final documents. However it is necessary to ensure the integrity, accessibility, stability and security of the Internet network operation taking into account multilingualism.

 From our point of view the ITU should develop the principles and the mechanisms of the Next Generation Network addressing, numbering, naming and identification resources on international level and identify the mechanisms of these principles realization formalizing them in the relevant basic documents of the Union.

 We fully support the proposals concerning ICTs utilization in the campaign against climate change and for the reduction of the ICTs negative influence on the environment. The decisions in the sphere of the e-government, organization of the e-meetings, the distance learning and conduct of business will lead to the mitigation of physical movement necessity on long distances of a sizable number of people, this will have a positive effect on the environment protection. The development of more sophisticated algorithms for ICTs work, the optimization of the already existing resource-intensive software and hardware might be considered as another way to reduce the level of consumed energy.

In the modern world where the global ICT networks and systems have spread in all spheres of human activity the questions of infosecurity and cyber security have become of a special importance. Today no country alone is able to stand against the emerging problems. ITU as an intergovernmental organization with the membership which also includes more than 700 representatives of leading operators, scientific and industrial organizations, can and should continue to solve the most actual and important tasks in the field of confidence and security strengthening while using ICTs.

The International Telecommunication Regulations is one of the basic document providing the regulations and harmonization of the international telecommunication development. During last more than 20 years after the ITRs adoption the serious changes have taken place in the telecommunication/ICTs sphere including the new technologies development and implementation and the telecommunication market liberalization. That is why on the basis of PP-06 Resolution 146 it is necessary to conduct the consistent work for the preparation of the World Conference on International telecommunication in 2012 with the task to reform the Regulations which should respond to the actual level of telecommunication and ICTs development.

 We hope that the denoted problems this Forum will find the solutions in the final documents of this Forum.
 We are sure that the results of the Forum will actuate the impulse to the new technologies and the new relations development directed to the information society building where the different human needs will be satisfied with maximum efficiency. This is a sphere of one of the priorities for the Russian Federation Communication Administration activity and in this field we’ll do our best to promote our cooperation with International Telecommunication Union as well as with Communication Administrations of all the countries-Members of the ITU.

Thank you.