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Photo: Jonathan Coppel, Front Office of the OECD Chief Economist

Biography, Mr. Jonathan Coppel

Counsellor, Office of the OECD Chief Economist

Jonathan Coppel is the Economic Counsellor in the Office of the OECD Chief Economist.

In this position, he oversees the development and communication of the OECD’s twice-yearly economic outlook and analysis of macroeconomic developments. Since joining the OECD, he has held a range of positions, including Executive Manager of the NEPAD-OECD Africa Investment Initiative, Senior Economist and expert on foreign direct investment, Deputy Counselor to the Chief Economist, Head of the EU and UK Desks and energy market analyst.

Mr. Coppel has also been a lecturer for the World Trade Institute’s Mile Masters Programme in International Law and Economics. Mr. Coppel has previously held senior management positions in the Reserve Bank of Australia and started his career at the Australian Commonwealth Treasury.

Mr. Coppel was educated at the Australian National University and Columbia University in New York.