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Photo: Stephen Cole, Al Jazeera

Biography, Stephen Cole

Senior news anchor, Al Jazeera International

Stephen Cole is one of the best known international news anchors in the world.

He is currently the senior news anchor of Al Jazeera International based in London. He travels frequently to anchor and report on location and has made several programmes on Eastern Europe.

The success of the award-winning launch has meant more international coverage for Stephen and as well as demand for his services as a Chairman and Moderator in the Corporate and Broadcast Industries. He also regularly trains Britain and Europe’s top business executives on how best to react to the media.

At the beginning of his career Stephen covered the Birmingham pub bombings by the IRA in 1974.
He was a member of the Special ITN Unit covering the Falklands War of 1982. On the advice of ITN he moved in front of the cameras to anchor Sky News when it launched. The following year he was tipped as the News Face of the Nineties. He went on to report on two Gulf Wars, the death and funeral of the Princess of Wales, and the Kosovo and East Timor conflicts and anchored “9-11” throughout the unfolding disaster.

For more than twenty years Stephen has fronted the worlds leading and most respected news channels including Sky News and CNN, eventually joining BBC World in 1996. In the next ten years he has covered every significant national and international news story.

Stephen anchored the fall of Eastern Europe and presented live from the Berlin Wall when it came down.
Later he went on to present “ live “ from war zones and presented live Election coverage from cities as diverse as Moscow, Islamabad, Paris, Sofia, Cairo, Hong Kong, Taipei and Delhi.
Stephen launched a new programme, Asia Today, with the emphasis on East Asia and it is currently still one of the BBC World’s most watched programmes.
In April 2000, Stephen created and launched the hugely successful BBC News feature IT programme Click Online.
He presented and produced the show on the road to many countries including Brazil and Argentina, the USA, India, Germany, Taiwan, China, Pakistan, Finland.
He regularly interviewed all the world’s major IT players like the bosses of Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, Oracle, Intel and Orange.
He took time out to chair and moderate the WCIT World Congress in Adelaide. He co-presented the Congress with former US President Bill Clinton and afterwards secured an exclusive interview which was reported by more than a hundred newspapers around the world.

A journalist for 30 years, he graduated quickly from newspaper reporter to television producer/reporter... first with BBC News and Current Affairs' Nationwide (the programme that was watched every evening by a quarter of the UK's entire population) and from there to ITN.
Recently he investigated and reported on stories as diverse as organised crime in Bulgaria, Counterfeiting in Romania and People Trafficking in Moldova and Ukraine. Most recently his reports contributed to the break up of a gang smuggling antiquities across the Balkans.

Stephen hit the headlines himself during the 2005 strike by BBC staff when he was asked to present all BBC news coverage including the six o’clock and 10 o’clock bulletins on BBC 1 and BBC news 24.
Such was the public reaction to him and his inimitable way of presenting, the bulletins drew in record numbers of viewers and jammed switchboards.

Born in Hereford, Stephen is married to a BBC Radio Four producer, and has three sons. He is a former Youth Chairman of the world-famous London Welsh rugby club and a School Governor. His interests outside work include tennis and films. He is a member of BAFTA.