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  • Child Exploitation Linkage Tracking System - Microsoft
    CELTS is a software system developed by Microsoft Canada that enables law enforcement to better tackle the growing problem of online child exploitation. CETS is housed at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC) in Ottawa, Canada and is available to Canadian police forces across the country. CETS allows police services to share crucial information that previously could not be shared, making critical links between pieces of information that have been overlooked or lost in the sheer volume of Internet traffic and it has overcome the technical boundaries that prevented effective coordination among police services in the past.
  • Child Internet Safety
    Search Engine: Internet safety for families, including information, news and opinions about child internet safety, online predators and Internet pornography addiction.
  • Common Sense Media
    Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the media and entertainment lives of kids and families and providing internet safety tips. As a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, we provide trustworthy information and tools, as well as an independent forum, so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume.
  • CTIA –The Wireless Association® and representatives from the U.S. wireless industry created the Wireless Child Safety Task Force to identify, review and support actions to address child safety issues on wireless networks and services, including solutions that can be lawfully executed while safeguarding consumer privacy. To further this goal, CTIA and its member wireless companies are working with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to keep child pornography off of wireless networks by prohibiting websites believed to contain child pornography from being hosted on the wireless companies' servers. The Wireless Child Safety Task Force will also develop an educational initiative that will expand the on-going work of The Wireless Foundation ( to inform the public – especially parents and children – about best practices for safe wireless Internet behavior.

    Additionally, CTIA and the participating wireless carriers have voluntarily adopted the Guidelines for Carrier Content Classification and Internet Access to provide consumers with the information and tools they need to make informed choices when accessing content using a wireless handset. The Guidelines require participating wireless carriers to develop voluntary content classification and rating standards for carrier content, provide Internet and carrier content access controls and educate consumers about the wireless industry's commitment to provide customers with the information and tools they need to manage wireless content.

  • Discovery Communications
    Discovery Communications is the world's number one nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in over 170 countries. Discovery empowers people to explore their world and satisfy their curiosity through its 100-plus worldwide networks, premiere educational services, and online platforms. Recognizing the importance of ensuring that children exploring both their physical and online worlds do so safely,
    Investigation Discovery (a Discovery Network) has developed an on-air and online partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that showcases missing children and provides parents with resources and information about online safety for their children.

    Similarly, Discovery's education business, Discovery Education, helps schools educate children about online safety through its streaming service, used by over half of U.S. Schools, that contains a variety of educational media focusing on online safety and security issues.

  • Doug Funny with Internet Safety Tips
    Internet safety tips with games & activities, clips & videos, parent guides, blogs and activities for getting involved, set up by the Walt Disney Company.
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) – Video Game Rating System
    ESRB ratings appear on virtually every computer and video game available for sale at retail in the U.S. and Canada, many of which are playable online. The two-part ESRB rating system includes rating symbols to suggest age-appropriateness and content descriptors to indicate elements in a game that either triggered the rating assigned or just might be of interest or concern to the average game consumer.
    The ESRB is the non-profit, self-regulatory body for the computer and video game industry in the United States. ESRB assigns ratings, enforces industry-adopted advertising and marketing guidelines and ensures responsible online privacy practices for the entertainment software industry.
  • eWorldWide Group – International Industry & Academia Consortium
    eWWG and the ITU-D have signed a Memorandum of Understanding under the Child Online Protection initiative to identify the real problem and join hands with field experts to create the awareness building programs that will help to minimize the negative impact of cyber world on children. In order to identify the key vulnerable areas for children in the cyber space and then create mechanism through multi-stakeholder partnerships, the ITU-D and eWWG are working together to create awareness on a large scale.
  • Facebook Safety
    Facebook takes the safety of its users very seriously, and has implemented many safety and privacy controls on Facebook as part of our goal to enable people to share their information with only the people they want to see it. We are constantly improving our systems for identifying and removing inappropriate content and people from the site. Children under 13. Children under 13 years old are not permitted access to Facebook. In addition, parents of children 13 years and older should consider whether their child should be supervised while using Facebook.
  • Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography
    The Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography (FCACP), which was formed in 2006, is a groundbreaking marriage of private industry and the public sector in the battle against commercial child pornography. It is made up of leading banks, credit card companies, third party payments companies and Internet services companies. The goal of the FCACP is to disrupt the economics of commercial child pornography by following the flow of funds and shutting down the payments accounts that are being used by these illegal enterprises. The initiative is managed by the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children and its sister agency, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
  • GSMA – Industry Alliance
    The Alliance has been founded in 1987 is a global trade association which includes operators such as Hutchison 3G Europe, mobilkom austria, Orange FT Group, Telecom Italia, Telefonica/02, Telenor Group, TeliaSonera, T-Mobile Group, Vodafone Group and dotMobi to create significant barriers to the misuse of mobile networks and services for hosting, accessing, or profiting from child sexual abuse content. These companies have mobile operations across the world, ensuring that the Alliance will have a global impact. The Alliance aims to stem, and ultimately reverse, the growth of online child sexual abuse content, maintaining a safer mobile environment for all of our customers.
  • ICE Technology: Intelligent Content Evaluation
    Parental Filter is the total solution for parental control that ensures safe and appropriate use of the Internet in your family.
  • Interactive Software Federation of Europe
    The interactive software industry, which includes PC and video games, reference and educational works on CD-ROM, is the European content industry's fastest growing sector with a turnover of Euro 6.1 billion in 2005, to be compared to a Euro 22.5 billion world market. It is estimated that, in 2006, the European market will reach Euro 7.25 billion. As a matter of comparison, Interactive Software weighs already as much as the EU's film video market, and significantly more than its box office market.
  • Internet Service Providers Association
    The Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) is a non-profit South African Internet industry organisation. It was formed in June 1996 and currently represents over 140 Internet service providers with a diverse range of services and target markets. Members include non-profit providers and educational networks, as well as commercial service providers.
  • Kidscom Internet Safety Game
    KidsCom has kids games, chat rooms for kids, a virtual world, virtual pets and other child activities. Children games focus on fun, learning and Internet safety. Circle 1 Network is an edutainment company. As the publisher of,, and, Circle 1 Network is committed to developing engaging online communities where kids and families have fun while they learn in a safe environment since 1991.
  • Miss America
    In 1989, the Miss America Organization founded the platform concept, which requires each contestant to choose an issue about which she cares deeply and that is of relevance to our country. Once chosen, Miss America and the state titleholders use their stature to address community service organizations, business and civic leaders, the media and others about their platform issues. Since 1989, Miss America titleholders have appeared at thousands of public speaking engagements and charitable events to generate awareness for a variety of causes, including homelessness, HIV/AIDS prevention, domestic violence, diabetes awareness, character education, literacy, etc.
  • MySpace
    This site is dedicated to helping children learn how they can keep themselves and their family safe online, and on a lifestyle portal like MySpace. Throughout this site, users can find useful safety information, tips and resources to navigate online communities.
  • New Net Device
    By employing special USB flash drive technology which is linked to a communications portal, children of all ages may freely (and easily) engage in online activities including social networking, instant messaging, chat, VoIP, online games, forums, blogs, e-mail, etc., while remaining protected from coming into contact with strangers.
  • Nokia
    Network operators as the mobile communication and service providers for consumers have been thus far recognized as industry actors, who are positioned for having a spearhead role in interpreting the customer needs for providing feasible solutions on parental control regarding the use of mobile devices by minors. They on their part have turned to other players in the society and in their value chain for cooperation to create such solutions. The focus has been on local initiatives in different markets for coming up with practical responses. In many cases the lessons learned in the Internet sphere have pointed to the direction to go forward, when modifying solutions by taking mobility into consideration.
  • PBS – Sesame Street
    The PBS Parents Guide to Children & Media is a resource for answering parents' questions about kids, media and the creative possibilities that exist between them.
  • Play It Cyber Safe - Business Software Alliance
    The goal of this Web site is to empower children, parents and teachers to prevent cyber crime through knowledge of the law, their rights and how to avoid misuse of the Internet. The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is the foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world. BSA educates consumers on software management and copyright protection, cyber security, trade, e-commerce and other Internet-related issues.
  • Point Smart Click Safe
    Part of Cable Puts You in Control, Point Smart Click Safe is an initiative of the cable industry to educate parents about online safety and appropriate use of the Internet by their children.
  • Power to Learn
    Power to Learn, Cablevision's nationally recognized education initiative, empowers K-12 learning in the tri-state area by making technology in the classroom useful and by facilitating the home-school connection, founded in 1998.
  • Verizon
    Verizon has joined forces with the
    National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to further the fight against child pornography and help protect children from online exploitation.

    Under an agreement announced Friday (28 March 2008), NCMEC will periodically provide Verizon with information about Web sites containing child pornography. Verizon will determine whether any of these sites are hosted on a Verizon owned and operated server used to offer storage or Web hosting services. If so, Verizon will remove or disable access to the content and report the action to NCMEC, as federal law requires.

    Michael McKeehan, Verizon executive director of Internet and technology policy, said, "Verizon's agreement with NCMEC will provide an important tool to identify and, if found, remove images of child exploitation from our servers. The agreement gives Verizon another route to help identify and eradicate child pornography."

    McKeehan has responsibility for child and teen online safety at Verizon, and serves as chairman of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), an international industry group dedicated to empowering parents and kids, as well as providing labeling and filtering tools to end-users.

    Today Verizon responds to reports from its own customers about child pornography they spot online, investigates and takes appropriate action. The new process will enable Verizon to also respond to similar reports from the thousands of other Internet users who report child pornography images via NCMEC's CyberTipline at

  • Vodafone – Safety Net
    Safety Net is the name for Vodafone's access control system - this filters out inappropriate internet content for users where Vodafone has been informed they are under 18 - usually where they have registered an under 18 date of birth on Vodafone. The filter is maintained by one of the top classification companies in the world which assesses millions of websites internationally.
  • Yahoo! Safely
    Yahoo! Safely is a fun guide for children to internet safety with games & activities, clips & videos, parent guides, blogs and activities for getting involved.

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