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Mr Yoshio Utsumi has been in the telecoms business for over thirty years and has a proven track record of expertise at senior policy levels gained both nationally and internationally.

After earning a Bachelor degree of Law from the University of Tokyo and a Masters of Arts in Political Science from the University of Chicago, Mr Utsumi joined the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT). In 1972, he was nominated professor of public administration at the MPT Postal College. In 1986, he led Japanís largest investment fund at the Postal Life Insurance Bureau of the MPT until 1988 when he moved to broadcasting as the Head of the General Affairs Division of MPTís Broadcasting Bureau.

For seven years, he helped shape Japanís domestic policies at the Communications Policy Bureau. His experience in international affairs include three years in Geneva where he served as First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Japan in charge of ITU affairs and two years as Director-General of International Affairs of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. In 1994, he was elected Chairman of the ITU plenipotentiary conference. At the senior policy-making level, he served as MPT Director-General, assistant Vice-Minister and Deputy Minister until his election as Secretary-General of ITU on 20 October 1998 by the Minneapolis Plenipotentiary Conference. He has been re-elected for a second term as Secretary-General on 1 October 2002 at the Marrakesh Plenipotentiary Conference.

Mr Utsumi is credited with having introduced the competition and liberalization policy at a time when such ideas were not widely accepted. His initiative led to Japanís first reform of its telecommunication market. He was also a major driving force in many of Japanís most important projects to develop multimedia industries. In the postal sector, he undertook a major restructuring of Japanís postal services which he carried out successfully with the cooperation of the 200 000 staff at every level which he skillfully enlisted. On the international scene, Mr Utsumi has played a very active role in many negotiations, and in particular, those leading to the historic WTO agreement on basic telecommunications.

Mr Utsumi was born on 14 August 1942. He and his wife Masako, an architect, have a son and a daughter.



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