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 Monday, 26 November 2012
ITU Blog: EU Parliament Resolution on WCIT flawed

As a citizen of Italy and as a person who is familiar with the upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) and the proposals presented to that body, I must express my deep disappointment at parts of the Resolution on this topic that was adopted by the European Parliament.

The EU Resolution seems to be based on a flawed understanding of WCIT and of ITU.

I personally don’t understand why European parliamentarians did not obtain correct information – either directly from the ITU Secretariat – or from their Member State representatives, who are familiar with WCIT-12 and ITU...

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 Friday, 23 November 2012
ITU Blog: The Google campaign – An ITU view

ITU notes the recent comments made by Google in relation to the upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) in Dubai.

Google has erroneously claimed that WCIT-12, which will take place in Dubai from 3-14 December, will be used as a forum to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.

The freedom of expression and the right to communicate are already enshrined in many UN and international treaties that ITU has taken into account in the establishment of its Constitution and Convention, and also its mandate by the Plenipotentiary Conference, which is the Supreme Organ of ITU. These treaties include Article 19 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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 Thursday, 22 November 2012
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 Wednesday, 21 November 2012
Final call for media accreditation for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12)

Journalists are advised that accreditation for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) which takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), from 3-14 December 2012, will close at 17:00 CET, 23 November.

WCIT-12 will review the current International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs), which serve as the binding global treaty designed to facilitate global interconnection and interoperability of information and communication services, as well as ensuring their efficiency and widespread public usefulness and availability...

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 Tuesday, 20 November 2012
ITU Blog: The real work starts after WCIT

The really important part of the World Conference on International Telecommunications 2012 (WCIT-12) is not the Internet battles that have caught the interest of the press – it’s what will happen after the conference has ended.

Membership of WCIT is on a per-country basis and currently 193 countries will be participating in this international event.

Each country is free to make up its own delegation and these delegations can therefore represent a large variety of social, economic, business, legal, technical and other interests – as large and as wide as each country decides its delegation will be...

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 Friday, 16 November 2012
ITU Blog: Clarification needed during Open Letter season

It is with great surprise and disappointment that ITU notes the joint letter signed by Greenpeace International and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) which was addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon regarding the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12).

The assertions in the open letter cannot go unchallenged, as many of the issues raised are misleading, inaccurate and grounded in conjecture.

It is unfortunate that this letter was drafted, dispatched and made public without any consultation with ITU Secretary-General, Dr. Hamadoun Touré or ITU as an organization.

A number of misleading inaccuracies which are contained in the letter could have been dispelled before being made public.


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 Tuesday, 18 September 2012
Second ITU Global Media Briefing on WCIT-12

In December in Dubai, ITU membership will meet to discuss possible revision of the International Telecommunication Regulations, a global treaty governing the way international telecommunications traffic is managed. On September 17, ITU held a second global media briefing entitled WCIT: Myth versus Fact. An audio archive and comprehensive presentation on challenges and opportunities of the WCIT event is available online.

WCIT-12 website

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 Tuesday, 11 September 2012
Briefing Sessions on proposals submitted to WCIT-12 and WTSA-12

Based on the presentations of proposals of Member States and Regional Groups already submitted to WCIT-12 and WTSA-12, the Briefing Sessions on proposals submitted to WCIT-12 and WTSA-12 will provide participants with the opportunity to explain their proposals, exchange views and have a better understanding of each others’ proposals and positions. The briefing sessions will be held at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva, on Monday, 8 and Tuesday, 9 October 2012 and will be chaired by Mr. Mohamed Al-Ghanim, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, United Arab Emirates.

  • The session on WCIT-12 will open on 8 October at 0930 hours and will end on 9 October at 1230 hours.
  • The session on WTSA-12 will follow that on WCIT on 9 October from 14h30 to 17h30.

Interpretation will be provided into the six official languages of the Union.

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 Monday, 16 July 2012
WCIT 2012: an opportunity to create an open, innovative and sustainable ICT environment

ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Touré and Chair of the Executive Board of the European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) Luigi Gambardella met today at ITU headquarters in Geneva. During their discussion they stressed the importance of the World Conference on International Telecommunications 2012 (WCIT-12), which will review the International Telecommunication Regulations, or ITRs. They said that an update of this international treaty will lay the framework to support continued growth and an innovative and sustainable future for the telecommunication and information and communication technologies (ICTs) sector.


Dr Touré noted that “the 1988 ITRs opened the door for the telecommunication revolution of the 1990s — and notably privatization, liberalization, and new technologies such as mobile. Now it’s time to take the next step and open the door for the broadband revolution of the next decade, so that all the world’s people can gain access — affordable, equitable, high-speed fixed or mobile access — to voice, video and data.”


Mr Gambardella stated that “WCIT-12 allows us to address the need for a new ecosystem for communications, enabling operators and service providers to meet the huge challenges that are being driven by the rapid rise in data traffic, while allowing users to continue enjoying the benefits brought about by the Internet and other technologies."


The ITRs set out the basic principles for ensuring that networks can connect smoothly and efficiently across borders and among technologies. However, the environment has changed dramatically since their last revision in 1988. The growth in traffic puts a strain on network resources and risks worsening users' experience of connectivity. The ITRs need to reflect changes in markets and technologies, while allowing innovation to continue.


The ITU membership, which includes ETNO, sees WCIT-12 as an opportunity to agree on a new and sustainable model for international communications, favouring innovation, openness and consumer choice. ETNO believes that improved user experience would be encouraged by allowing commercial agreements between players on end-to-end quality of service. The association has put forward a proposed revision to the ITRs that it believes would ensure that the framework is future proof.

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