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 Saturday, 01 October 2011
Child Online Protection discussion during the 6th IGF

The 6th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was held in Nairobi, Kenya on 27- 30 September, 2011.


During the IGF, ITU was leading the discussion about protecting children online by co-organizing with other UN agencies and COP partners two workshops, Dynamic Coalition (meeting) on Child Online Safety, and several bilateral meetings. In particular, the following workshops were organized by ITU together with UNODC, UNICEF, and ECPAT International.


1.   COP Thematic Workshop on  Framework for International Cooperation on Child Online Protection"

      The workshop aimed to address the issues of the international cooperation on child online protection and collect the better options to ensure a collaborative approach to maximize and synergize efforts to create safer Internet environment for children (Co-organized by ITU, UNODC, and UNICEF).


2.   COP Thematic Workshop on  Young People and Their Safeguards in an Increasingly Connected World

      The workshop aims to collect recommendations for the duty bearers coming directly from these young people in order to reach policy makers for developing appropriate protecting mechanisms while providing the channels to them for self expression, creativity and positive use of the Internet and guiding them towards becoming better digital citizens of the future. (Co-organized by ITU,  UNICEF and ECPAT International)


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