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 Friday, 18 February 2011
Unaware Parents Risk Kids' Online Safety - New IT Security Skills Development Module Launched

Speaking at Safer Internet Day (at Child Focus, Safer Internet Centre, Belgium), European Commission Vice-President Kroes raised the question of balancing the unquestionable benefits offered by the Internet with the need to keep children safe online. In keeping with the aims of Safer Internet Day, ECDL Foundation’s new IT Security certification focuses on providing the right competences for safe surfing and computer usage.

European children are using the Internet on a daily basis for longer periods, and with greater frequency – not just for surfing the Web, but for accessing schoolwork assignments, developing their personal interests, and for actually contributing to the Web’s diversity by uploading video content, social networking etc. The EU has taken certain actions, such as investing €55 million into awareness-raising projects aimed at making the Internet safer for children. Despite this investment, a recent survey conducted by the London School of Economics has shown that nearly half of the participating children did not know how to change the privacy settings of their social networking sites, and in another complementary EU-wide survey, only 14% of parents surveyed said that they had set up parental web-filtering software to protect their children.

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