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 Thursday, 21 October 2010
Updated Resolution: Internet Protocol-based networks

This Resolution revised and updates an existing resolution from Antalya (2006). It considers recent advances in global information infrastructure, including the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks and the Internet, as well as future IP developments and new applications. It also acknowledges various challenges with regard to quality of service, uncertainty of origin (of IP traffic) and the high cost of international connectivity. It recognizes ITU-T’s work on IP‑based network issues, including service interoperability with other telecommunication networks, numbering, signalling requirements and protocol aspects, security and infrastructure component costs, and issues associated with the evolution to next-generation networks (NGN).

The Resolution requests all three Sectors to consider their future work programmes on IP-based networks and on migration to NGN and future networks. It asks ITU-T to continue its collaborative activities with ISOC/IETF and other relevant organizations, in respect of interconnectivity and migration to NGN. It asks ITU to fully embrace the opportunities for telecommunication/ICT development arising from the growth of IP-based services, and to continue its study of international Internet connectivity as an urgent matter. It also encourages ITU to identify clearly the range of Internet-related issues falling within its responsibilities according to its basic texts and the WSIS outcome documents. The Resolution calls on ITU membership to raise awareness at the national, regional and international levels. However, the most significant item in this resolution lies in its call for greater collaboration and coordination between ITU and relevant organizations (including, but not limited to ICANN, the RIRs, the IETF, ISOC and W3C on a reciprocity basis), as well as UNESCO and the Broadband Commission for Digital Development.