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 Thursday, 21 October 2010
New Resolution: Facilitating the transition from IPv4 to IPv6

This new resolution is ITU’s first Plenipotentiary resolution focused on IPv6, and breaks new ground for ITU as it seeks to modernize and adapt its work to Internet Protocol (IP)-based next-generation networks. Considering the imminent exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and that specific actions must be defined for the transition to IPv6, it recognizes the opportunities opened up for the development of ICTs by IPv6 and that the early adoption of IPv6 is the best way forward to avoid scarcity of IP addresses and the follow-on effects of IPv4 address exhaustion.

The resolution seeks to step up the exchange of experiences and information regarding the adoption of IPv6 with all stakeholders and create opportunities for collaborative efforts to support the transition to IPv6. It seeks to assist Member States which require support in the management and allocation of IPv6 resources. It notes the work of the existing IPv6 working group set up by the 2009 Session of Council and asks it to undertake detailed studies of IP address allocation for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It also calls for ITU to study and monitor current allocation mechanisms, identify any flaws arising and communicate proposals for changes to existing policies, if appropriate. It invites Member States to develop specific initiatives at the national level fostering interaction between governmental, private and academic entities and civil society.