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 Tuesday, 19 October 2010
Updated Resolution: Assistance and support to Serbia for rebuilding its destroyed public broadcasting system

Reliable public broadcasting and telecommunication systems are indispensable for promoting the socio-economic development of countries - notably those having suffered from natural disasters, domestic conflicts or war. Serbia is one such country. The conference has updated Resolution 126 (Rev. Guadalajara, 2010) on “assistance and support to the Republic of Serbia for rebuilding its destroyed public broadcasting system”. ITU’s  key role in rebuilding that country's telecommunication sector has been widely recognized.

The resolution underlines that the newly established public broadcasting facility in Serbia, public entity “Broadcast Multiplex and Network Operator” (ETV) – formerly a part of the Radio Television of Serbia –  has been severely damaged. The damage to public broadcasting in Serbia, as the conference recognized, should be a matter of  concern to the whole international community, in particular ITU. As public broadcaster, ETV is a public entity, which should start broadcasting digital television programmes on 4 April 2012. However, under the present conditions and in the foreseeable future, Serbia will not be able to bring its public broadcasting system and the digital switch-over process up to an acceptable level without help from the international community, provided bilaterally or through international organizations. The resolution, as updated, calls upon Member States to offer all possible assistance. It instructs the Council to allocate the necessary funds, within available resources. It instructs the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau to use the necessary funds (also, within available resources), in order to continue appropriate action. The Secretary-General will coordinate the activities carried out by the ITU Sectors to ensure that the Union’s action in favour of Serbia is as effective as possible. He will report on the matter to the Council.