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 Monday, 04 October 2010
Opening night reception at PP-10

Host city Guadalajara treated PP-10 delegates to a Mexican extravaganza at the opening night cocktail reception on Monday 4 October. The city transformed the park area next to The Arches monument into an outdoor salon featuring living dioramas of tequila making, a sensory tunnel taking guests on a virtual voyage through Jalisco state, and the chance to sample local food, beer, tequila, and - naturalmente - margharitas!  More than 1,000 delegates were beguiled by the balmy weather, an arresting Mexican music and dance spectacle and a stunning light show, topped off by a firework display culminating in a shower of Mexico’s national colours. Not to mention the world’s most charming and friendly team of waiters and young support staff, who bent over backwards to make sure everyone had a wonderful time.