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 Wednesday, 09 September 2009
How Mobile Can Enable a Low Carbon Economy: Live Online Debate Scheduled for September 30

In 2008, The Climate Change Group’s Smart 2020 report recognized the ICT (information communications technology) industry’s potential clout in the global battle against climate change. Smart 2020 estimated ICT as a whole could save 15% of predicted greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, with wireless applications playing a significant part.

The projected 15% reduction in emissions stems from energy savings worth €600 billion. Savings that are especially important as they are five times the industry’s own footprint. In the new report Carbon Connections: Quantifying mobile's role in tackling climate change, published by Accenture and Vodafone, 13 wireless telecommunications opportunities are identified that have the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 113 Mt CO2e a year and cut associated energy costs by €43 billion across the EU-25 countries in 2020.

Spurred by this new report, Ethical Corporation has teamed up with Vodafone to host an online Live Debate on September 30th 2009 to provide the platform for a robust and challenging discussion on how mobile can enable a low carbon economy.

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