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 Monday, 06 April 2009
IGF Secretariat initiates formal IGF Review process

The IGF secretariat has initiated the process of formal consultation with the IGF Forum participants in accordance with Paragraph 76 of the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society which calls on the Secretary-General “to examine the desirability of the continuation of the Forum, in formal consultation with Forum participants”. This consultation will be held at the Sharm El Sheikh meeting.

As a first step, the IGF Secretariat has posted an online survey for stakeholders to provide feedback on the IGF process. It's at:

The comments received by April 24th would be put in a synthesis paper, conceived as a rolling document. A first document would be made available for the 13 May Open Consultations and a revised version would be made available for the 16 September Open Consultations. The final version would be submitted to the IGF meeting in Sharm El Sheikh.