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 Monday, 30 March 2009
'Three-strikes' law for net users

French internet users persisting in illicit downloading of music and films could have the plug pulled on their internet if a controversial new law is approved.


Under plans by the French government, illegal downloaders would be barred from broadband access by their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) after three warnings.

The three-strikes law means alleged wrongdoers will first get a warning e-mail, then a letter through the post, followed by their connection being cut off for up to a year.

A proposed state agency would gather the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of people involved in illegal file-sharing.

Marc Guez, managing director of France's Society of Phonographic Producers (SCPP), said record companies are losing millions in profits to piracy.

He said the internet is "killing all of the creative industries little by little" and that governments must take action against piracy.

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