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 Wednesday, 04 March 2009
ITU Secretary-General visits Morocco

Through an extensive programme prepared by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and New Technologies, the Secretary-General of ITU, Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré,  was able to visit: HACA (Hautes Autorités de l'Audiovisuel), actively involved in the liberalization of audio-visual communication; CND The National Centre for Documentation, while rendering more dynamic the public’s ability to access historical and present day e-information is invested in its main "zero paper" plan; APEBI (Professionnels of Telecoms and Information Technologies), firmly believing in a policy of determination and global information technologies in order to be part of a globalisation dominated by the economy and knowledge; AjialCom  The "Maison des Jeunes" in Casablanca, one of many to come; is a regional youth empowerment project initiated by UNDP/ICTDAR in 2004;  Dr Touré visited the Lycée Hassan II where he met with the future leaders of Morocco and exposed his vision and shared his views on cyber-space; The Casanearshore (MedZ), the first Moroccan nearshore pole, was by far the most impressive breeding-ground of human resources with an incentive and competitive environment. During this mission, Dr Touré could witness that through the harmonious combining of efforts, the tremendous progress made towards an information society at the national level has propelled Morocco into a country with a leading role in ICT.

Speeches by ITU Secretary-General Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré: