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 Monday, 27 October 2008
Credit card fraud has amounted to 300 million pounds so far this year in the UK

The UK ITV's Tonight programme, Card Criminals Uncovered, conducted an investigation into credit card fraud in the UK in its programme which aired on 27 October 2008. Credit card fraud is estimated to have cost UK banks and consumers 300 million pounds so far this year.

The research team set up a false website, Gotcha Gadgets, selling hi-tech goods to track orders and credit card activity. The programme emphasized the truly international reach of credit card fraud. In one case, the goods were ordered in Ghana using a credit card registered in Venezuela, with goods being delivered to a UK address. Another woman had been duped by a man purportedly living in America whom she had met over a dating website into accepting goods bought using a stolen credit card, supposedly for an orphanage in Africa. The UK currently has an Electronic Crime Police Unit, but it operates only based out of London. The UK Government is taking new steps to address the issue of credit card fraud.