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Table of Maritime Identification Digits

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Allocated to


Adelie Land - France501


Alaska (State of) - United States of America303

Albania (Republic of)201

Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)605

American Samoa - United States of America559

Andorra (Principality of)202

Angola (Republic of)603

Anguilla - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland301

Antigua and Barbuda304, 305

Argentine Republic701

Armenia (Republic of)216

Aruba - Netherlands (Kingdom of the)307

Ascension Island - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland608



Azerbaijan (Republic of)423

Azores - Portugal204

Bahamas (Commonwealth of the)308, 309, 311

Bahrain (Kingdom of)408

Bangladesh (People's Republic of)405


Belarus (Republic of)206



Benin (Republic of)610

Bermuda - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland310

Bhutan (Kingdom of)410

Bolivia (Plurinational State of)720

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba - Netherlands (Kingdom of the)306

Bosnia and Herzegovina478

Botswana (Republic of)611

Brazil (Federative Republic of)710

British Virgin Islands - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland378

Brunei Darussalam508

Bulgaria (Republic of)207

Burkina Faso633

Burundi (Republic of)609

Cabo Verde (Republic of)617

Cambodia (Kingdom of)514, 515

Cameroon (Republic of)613


Cayman Islands - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland319

Central African Republic612

Chad (Republic of)670


China (People's Republic of)412, 413, 414

Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) - Australia516

Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Australia523

Colombia (Republic of)730

Comoros (Union of the)616, 620

Congo (Republic of the)615

Cook Islands - New Zealand518

Costa Rica321

Côte d'Ivoire (Republic of)619

Croatia (Republic of)238

Crozet Archipelago - France618


Curaçao - Netherlands (Kingdom of the)306

Cyprus (Republic of)209, 210, 212

Czech Republic270

Democratic People's Republic of Korea445

Democratic Republic of the Congo676

Denmark219, 220

Djibouti (Republic of)621

Dominica (Commonwealth of)325

Dominican Republic327


Egypt (Arab Republic of)622

El Salvador (Republic of)359

Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)631


Estonia (Republic of)276

Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of)624

Falkland Islands (Malvinas) - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland740

Faroe Islands - Denmark231

Fiji (Republic of)520


France226, 227, 228

French Polynesia - France546

Gabonese Republic626

Gambia (Republic of the)629


Germany (Federal Republic of)211, 218


Gibraltar - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland236

Greece237, 239, 240, 241

Greenland - Denmark331


Guadeloupe (French Department of) - France329

Guatemala (Republic of)332

Guiana (French Department of) - France745

Guinea (Republic of)632

Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)630


Haiti (Republic of)336

Honduras (Republic of)334

Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China) - China (People's Republic of)477



India (Republic of)419

Indonesia (Republic of)525

Iran (Islamic Republic of)422

Iraq (Republic of)425


Israel (State of)428



Japan431, 432

Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)438

Kazakhstan (Republic of)436

Kenya (Republic of)634

Kerguelen Islands - France635

Kiribati (Republic of)529

Korea (Republic of)440, 441

Kuwait (State of)447

Kyrgyz Republic451

Lao People's Democratic Republic531

Latvia (Republic of)275


Lesotho (Kingdom of)644

Liberia (Republic of)636, 637


Liechtenstein (Principality of)252

Lithuania (Republic of)277


Macao (Special Administrative Region of China) - China (People's Republic of)453

Madagascar (Republic of)647

Madeira - Portugal255



Maldives (Republic of)455

Mali (Republic of)649

Malta215, 229, 248, 249
- 256

Marshall Islands (Republic of the)538

Martinique (French Department of) - France347

Mauritania (Islamic Republic of)654

Mauritius (Republic of)645


Micronesia (Federated States of)510

Moldova (Republic of)214

Monaco (Principality of)254



Montserrat - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland348

Morocco (Kingdom of)242

Mozambique (Republic of)650

Myanmar (Union of)506

Namibia (Republic of)659

Nauru (Republic of)544

Nepal (Federal Democratic Republic of)459

Netherlands (Kingdom of the)244, 245, 246

New Caledonia - France540

New Zealand512


Niger (Republic of the)656

Nigeria (Federal Republic of)657

Niue - New Zealand542

Northern Mariana Islands (Commonwealth of the) - United States of America536

Norway257, 258, 259

Oman (Sultanate of)461

Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)463

Palau (Republic of)511

Panama (Republic of)351, 352, 353, 354
- 355,356, 357, 370
- 371,372, 373, 374

Papua New Guinea553

Paraguay (Republic of)755


Philippines (Republic of the)548

Pitcairn Island - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland555

Poland (Republic of)261


Puerto Rico - United States of America358

Qatar (State of)466

Reunion (French Department of) - France660


Russian Federation273

Rwanda (Republic of)661

Saint Helena - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland665

Saint Kitts and Nevis (Federation of)341

Saint Lucia343

Saint Paul and Amsterdam Islands - France607

Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Territorial Collectivity of) - France361

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines375, 376, 377

Samoa (Independent State of)561

San Marino (Republic of)268

Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of)668

Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)403

Senegal (Republic of)663

Serbia (Republic of)279

Seychelles (Republic of)664

Sierra Leone667

Singapore (Republic of)563, 564, 565, 566

Sint Maarten (Dutch part) - Netherlands (Kingdom of the)306

Slovak Republic267

Slovenia (Republic of)278

Solomon Islands557

Somalia (Federal Republic of)666

South Africa (Republic of)601

South Sudan (Republic of)638

Spain224, 225

Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)417

State of Palestine (In accordance with Resolution 99 Rev. Guadalajara, 2010)443

Sudan (Republic of the)662

Suriname (Republic of)765

Swaziland (Kingdom of)669

Sweden265, 266

Switzerland (Confederation of)269

Syrian Arab Republic468

Taiwan (Province of China) - China (People's Republic of)416

Tajikistan (Republic of)472

Tanzania (United Republic of)674, 677


The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia274

Togolese Republic671

Tonga (Kingdom of)570

Trinidad and Tobago362




Turks and Caicos Islands - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland364


Uganda (Republic of)675


United Arab Emirates470, 471

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland232, 233, 234, 235

United States Virgin Islands - United States of America379

United States of America338, 366, 367, 368
- 369

Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)770

Uzbekistan (Republic of)437

Vanuatu (Republic of)576, 577

Vatican City State208

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)775

Viet Nam (Socialist Republic of)574

Wallis and Futuna Islands - France578

Yemen (Republic of)473, 475

Zambia (Republic of)678

Zimbabwe (Republic of) 679

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