The following companies are among the sponsors
of the World Telecommunication Policy Forum

AT&T VoiceSpan(R)is a proposed fixed satellite service, having a global constellation of 12 satellites in 7 geostationary slots. Targeted for service just after the turn of the century, VoiceSpan is part of what it will take to directly offer customers two-way, interactive, broadband connectivity supporting multimedia applications.

For further information, please contact Greg Taylor at +1 908 221 7848

Globalstar is a non-geostationary mobile satellite system that is interoperable with current, and future, terrestrial mobile and switched telephone networks of all types. The Globalstar system is designed to provide low-cost personal communications to the everyday user, with worldwide and constant coverage from a system of 48 satellites in circular low-earth orbit. The service is offered to the end user customer through single- or dual-mode terminals connected with existing terrestrial networks via satellites and gateway earth stations.

For further information, please contact David Benton +1 703 414 1045

MCHI Mobile Communications Holdings, Inc. (MCHI) offers Ellipso, an affordable satellite-based voice and data communications system. The Ellipso system will use 17 satellites in elliptical-medium and low earth orbits to provide voice and data communications services for mobile and fixed-site users world-wide. Ellipso's unique design gives it the service advantage over its competitors. The elliptical orbits provide high line-of-sight angles to satellites, eliminating service interruptions normally associated with ground obstacles in other mobile systems.

For further information, please contact Gerald B. Helman at +1 202 466 4488

Using a constellation of several hundred low-Earth-orbit satellites a global, broadband "Internet-in-the-sky", Teledesic will enable affordable access to fiber-like telecommunications capability anywhere in the world.

For further information, please contact Dan Kohn at +1 206 803 1411

ICO brings the power of communication to connect people, partners and technologies anywhere in the world.

For further information, please contact Surinder Hundel at +44 181 600 1031

ORBCOMM is the world's first operational GMPCS system offering low-cost, two-way data and messaging services everywhere on Earth. The first two satellites of the 36 satellite system have been in operation since May 1995 and are providing commercial services in the United States through four Gateway Earth Stations and a U.S. National Services Center. The system will be complete by early 1998 when services are planned to be offered on all continents of the world.

For further information, please contact Bob Pizzimenti at +1 703 406 5311

ICP is the regulatory body of the Portuguese communications sector providing support to the Government in the tutelage of the public communications sector and ensuring the national representation in ITU. ICP has actively supported the 1st ITU Policy Forum sponsoring its organisation and presenting a written contribution on the issue of licensing GMPCS systems through open and transparent procedures, in particular where the scarcity of radiofrequences may impose the need for a selection.

For further information, in particular to access the ICP contribution, please contact Renato Homem telephone: +351 1 721 10 00.

ACeS (Asia Cellular Satellite) is a hand-held satellite mobile system for the Asia region. The company was founded by indigeneous telecommunication companies in Asia to serve the need of the region. The system is based on geostationary-satellite called Garuda.

For further information, please contact Ms. Margaret Paterson in Jakarta, Indonesia at
+62 21 522 9292