Memorandum of Understanding-GMPCS
(Geneva, 17-18 July 1997)



NOTE - All page numbers mentioned refer to Circular-letter 47 SPU/KB/jb dated 16 June 1997.

A Type approval and marking of GMPCS terminals (GMPCS­MoU Articles 1 and 3, page 11)

Item 1: Add as item 1(d):

Requirements relating to the need to identify the geographic location of the terminal.

Reason: This feature is necessary in order that the GMPCS system operator/service provider will have the capability to permit or restrict service in compliance with the wishes of the administrations in whose territory the terminal is located.

Without this feature administrations may be reluctant to grant visitor permission to "carry a terminal into a visited country but not use it".

This feature is also necessary for terminals to comply with the proposed GMPCS-MoU Article 2, item 1(c) which states "the transmission from the GMPCS Terminals are under the control of the GMPCS System Operator and or the GMPCS Service Provider".

B On access to traffic data (GMPCS-MoU Article 5, page 13)

The words "where possible" should be deleted from item 1(a). This statement is in conflict with item (2) which states that all GMPCS systems will be structured to provide appropriate traffic data.

It is also not clear whether the data is to be provided to administrations or to duly authorized national authorities or both.

A suggested rephrasing of item 1(a) is as follows:

"(a) will provide within a reasonable period of time to administrations and any duly authorized national authorities appropriate GMPCS traffic data of calls originating in or routed to its national territory, and ...".

Item 4 should be deleted.

Reason: Provision of traffic data does not include the provision of the content of any voice, data, video, etc. transmission, which should not be recorded/captured by any GMPCS system operator/service provider. However, provision of call data records may be needed to "assist with the identification of unauthorized traffic flows".

4 Definitions (page 9)

Item 4 should read..."An entity ..." rather than "The entity ..." since there could be more than one so authorized.

Line 3 of item 10 should include the word USERS:

"Do not harm networks, GMPCS USERS, other users or other equipment".

Surely, type approval also seeks to protect the GMPCS terminal users themselves.