Informal Group


Geneva, 14 February 1997

Comments of Kenya Post and Telecommunications Corporation on the
Memorandum of Understanding

We refer to your letter dated 13 November 1996 and wish to inform you that the draft MoU is generally acceptable to us as a framework for cooperation to enable easy circulation of GMPCS user terminals.

It is our expectation that a substantial amount of detailed work will have to be done, taking into account country specific laws and regulations before finalization of the MoU.

We in Kenya will continue to follow the developments on the subject of GMPCS as we hope to take advantage of the technology for the benefit of our customers. It is our intention therefore to participate in all the meetings (formal or informal) on GMPCS.

Article 1 Type Approvals of Terminals

Second sentence

... and should be impartial with respect to all GMPCS technologies, and without reference to performance or quality of service standards.

It is our understanding that the performance and quality of service standards refer to the entire GMPCS system/network. If this is correct then we suggest an addition at the end of the sentence to read as follows:

... and without reference to performance or quality of service standard of the GMPCS system/network.