Informal Group


Geneva, 14 February 1997

Comments of the Ministry of Information and Communication (Nepal)
on the Memorandum of Understanding

Thank you for your letter dated 3 December 1996 regarding the draft Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate the free circulation of Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite (GMPCS) terminals.

We extend our sincere appreciation for the role played by ITU for the worldwide and regional development of telecommunication showing particular concern for modernizing the network and service in the telecommunication sector of developing and least developed countries.

His Majesty's Government of Nepal is also engaged in the process of liberalizing telecom services. To this effect we are intending to introduce value added and special services such as Internet, e­mail, cellular mobile, radio paging and wireless in the local loop (WILL).

We welcome the opportunity to introduce new technology like GMPCS which will enable us to provide services in rural and remote areas of the countries where no telecom infrastructure currently exists. Therefore, we are very happy to note that our concern about making telecom service affordable to the populace of rural and remote areas of developing countries has been rightly echoed in Opinion 5 of WTPF document urging GMPCS system operators, gateway operators and service providers to take into account the cost so as to make it affordable to the least developed countries and to make service available as widely used as possible.