Informal Group


Geneva, 14 February 1997

Comments of the Department of Tourism, Posts and Telecommunications (Republic
of Indonesia) on the Memorandum of Understanding

Referring to your letter No. SPU/EA/KB/ml concerning the above-mentioned, we would like to give some comments on the subject above-mentioned, as follows:

1) The Parties to this MoU shall be clearly defined, whether they are administrations, operators or service providers.

Reasoning: Arrangement under Articles 1 to 4 and Article 6 - in this MoU in general rule and enforced by administration of each country. So its common understanding that parties to this MoU (which have to sign) will also cover operators, service providers and manufactures, etc.

2) Definition of "Terminals" referred by this MoU shall be clearly stated.

Reasoning: To avoid any wider understanding that parties than "mobile terminals". Although GMPCS also cover fixed-satellite services, fixed-satellite terminals should be excluded from this MoU.

3) Paragraph 3 of draft MoU:

"The Parties to this Memorandum of Understanding hereby agree to cooperate, according to their respective roles and competencies and taking into account the voluntary principles for GMPCS adopted by WTPF-96 on the following issues:"

a) Comment: Definition of "GMPCS" as agreed in the WTPF-96 shall be mentioned clearly in the beginning of the MoU.

Reasoning: To avoid any misunderstanding to the party involved in this MoU, which were not attended the WTMF at the GMPCS from now on also include either regional system and fixed-satellite services (thus not only MSS in global system).

b) Comment: Please explain the meaning of "taking into account the voluntary principles ..." in paragraph 3.

4) Article 5 Review

"The Parties shall periodically review the results and consequences of their cooperation under this Memorandum of Understanding. When appropriate the Parties will consider the need for improvements in their cooperation and make suitable proposals for modifying and updating the arrangements, and the scope of this GMPCS-MoU."

Comment: The second sentence should be modified to have clearer understanding that the MoU will be reviewed whenever the Parties consider that their cooperation has been developed and progressed.