Informal Group


Geneva, 14 February 1997

Comments of IRIDIUM (USA) on the Memorandum of Understanding

I have received your mailing of 13 November 1996 outlining the ITU's initiation of activity on the GMPCS Memorandum of Understanding which was agreed at the Policy Forum. As you are well aware, Iridium was an active participant of the Forum and again applauds the overall result of this meeting. As regards the MoU, we at Iridium had carefully reviewed this document before the Policy Forum and were satisfied with it at that time. Given that the only substantive change to the document was the addition of Article 6 on Access to traffic data, and considering the discussion which led to the addition of this article, Iridium maintains its support for the MoU in its current form.

You can, of course, expert Iridium to continue to participate in the GMPCS MoU process. We look forward to the first meeting of signatories to the MoU on Friday, 14 February, and expect that if there are any suggested changes to the MoU they can be resolved readily at that meeting. We also look forward to working cooperatively during 1997 with the other signatories to the group in drafting a set of agreements which will facilitate the free global circulation of GMPCS terminals.

In closing, let me again thank you and the ITU, for all of the efforts which have been put toward making GMPCS a success.