Informal Group


Geneva, 14 February 1997

Comments of British Telecom (BT)
on the Memorandum of Understanding

The following is a response from BT to your message of 13 November.

We have no specific comments on the text of the draft MoU at this stage. In general terms, we believe that the current draft offers a very suitable basis for arriving at a final version, open for signature.

As a current operator and provider of mobile-satellite services around the world, BT supports this initiative. We believe that the terms of the MoU should apply to all types of mobile-satellite terminal, not just handheld terminals. We consider it important that the MoU is finalized as soon as possible. For us, it is of equal, if not greater importance that the MoU is then put into practice widely and rapidly, to enable customers to be provided with the services they require.

We look forward to contributing further on this issue.