Informal Group


Geneva, 14 February 1997

Comments of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications
(Republic of Croatia) on the Memorandum of Understanding

In reference to your two letters to the Croatian UN Permanent Mission in Geneva of 13 November and 3 December 1996, concerning draft Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate the free circulation of Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite user terminals (GMPCS­MoU), this Ministry wishes to inform you as follows:

In principle we support the draft MoU.

However, we are of the opinion that each ITU Member country in which is intended to be implemented the procedure of MoU for free circulation of GMPCS, should approve the implementation of corresponding frequency band for the use of GMPCS regarding each operator of the system.

Having aforementioned in mind, this Ministry would also suggest to look at proposed CEPT/ERC Decisions concerning that matter before the final solution will be completed.