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Daily briefing notes Media releases
Highlights of  26-29 May World Radiocommunication Conference concludes on series of
Highlights of  25 May far-reaching agreements
Highlights of  23-24 May Thumbs up for IMT-2000
Highlights of  22 May ITU gives final approval to IMT-2000 radio interface
Highlights of 19 May specifications
Highlights of 18 May ITU approves characteristics to promote global portability of
Highlights of 17 May computer equipment
Highlights of 16 May Radiocommunication Assembly gives new directions for future
Highlights of 15 May work of ITU Radiocommunication Sector
Highlights of 12 May Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Devlet Bahçeli to open the first
Highlights of 11 May World Radiocommunication Conference of the millennium
Highlights of 10 May Turkish government and ITU sign agreement to host WRC 2000
Highlights of  9 May
Highlights of  8 May

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