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World Radiocommunication Conference 2000


Frequency bands for the terrestrial component of IMT-2000 below 1 GHz

The World Radiocommunication Conference (Istanbul, 2000),


a) that parts of the band 806-960 MHz are extensively used in the three Regions by first-and second-generation mobile systems;

b) that some administrations are planning to use part of the band 698-806 MHz for IMT-2000;

c) that, in some countries, the band 698-806 MHz is allocated to the mobile service on a primary basis;

d) that first- and second-generation mobile systems in the three Regions operate using various frequency arrangements;

e) that where cost considerations warrant the installation of fewer base stations, such as in sparsely populated areas, bands below 1 GHz are generally suitable for implementing mobile systems including IMT-2000;

f) Recommendation ITU-R M.819 which describes the objectives to be met by IMT-2000 to meet the needs of developing countries,


that the evolution of first- and second-generation cellular-based mobile systems to IMT-2000 can be facilitated if they are permitted to use their current frequency bands,


a) that flexibility must be afforded to administrations:

to determine, at a national level, how much spectrum to make available for IMT-2000 from within the identified bands;

to develop their own transition plans, if necessary, tailored to meet their specific deployment of existing systems;

to have the ability for the identified bands to be used by all services having allocations in those bands;

to determine the timing of availability and use of the bands identified for IMT-2000, in order to meet particular market demand and other national considerations;

b) that the particular needs of developing countries must be met,


to request administrations which are implementing, or planning to implement IMT-2000, to consider the use of bands below 1 GHz and the possibility of evolution of first- and second-generation mobile systems to IMT-2000, in the frequency band identified in No. S5.XXX, based on market demand and other national considerations,

invites ITU-R

to study compatibility between mobile systems with different technical characteristics and provide guidance on any impact on spectrum arrangements.