Concert Hall without Borders

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Sverdlovsk Philharmonic
Russian Federation
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Concert Hall without Borders
Music in is an inherent part of human existence. It is essential for person’s development, growth and interaction. Classical music conveys universal human values. It is the global heritage that belongs to everyone. The Concert Hall without Borders project is a web-broadcasting of live concerts and recorded programs from Sverdlovsk Philharmonic in Yekaterinburg to a network of digital concert facilities located in community centers and public libraries of the Ural region, in Full HD quality. It aims to provide an equal access to cultural heritage for all residents, regardless of their social status, income or background. The modern internet technologies help to deliver the highest quality art productions to people living in remote rural areas. The project strengthens social initiative. It is local volunteers who organize the broadcasts, attract the audience and conduct the screenings and group discussions. In addition to concert screenings, the project involves educational programs on the history of music, genres, composers and their works, etc. These programs are further used in local schools as extra-curricular activities for children and at the community centers as a lifelong learning tool for adults and seniors. An important part of the project is the opportunities that it offers to kids with hearing disabilities. Using special equipment, they watch video programs about music with comments by a sign language teacher. This helps them to develop auditory abilities, and positively affects the formation of their speech skills. The project can be shared, reproduced and expanded to other regions and countries.
Local implementation: Russian Federation, Sverdlovsk Region
Ongoing from 27/09/2009 to 01/12/2025
Ministry of Culture of Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of General and Vocational Education of Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Social Policy of Sverdlovsk Region First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin's Foundation

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