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Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies
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Information about the project
“Convertic” is a project designed to enable visual impaired people to have autonomous access to information and knowledge, education ,job opportunities and entertainment through the use of ICTs. By means of this project, blind and visually impaired people are provided for free with the best screen reader and magnification software, which enables them to have independent access to computers, commonly used Office applications, music and video players and the Internet. Since a single license of the software is not affordable under normal circumstances by an ordinary Colombian, “Convertic” builds an economy of scale model that enables the estate to offer this vital tool to every single person out of the 1.2 million visually impaired citizens in Colombia for free.
National implementation: Colombia
Ongoing from 18/12/2013 to 31/12/2018
Consorcio Soluciones Integrales Ver e Instituto Nacional para Ciegos –INCI-

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* Access to information and knowledge
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