Basic English Language for Outreach Radio Audience Bangladesh [Pilot Project English Language through Community Radio Pollikantho 99.2]

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Basic English Language for Outreach Radio Audience Bangladesh [Pilot Project English Language through Community Radio Pollikantho 99.2]
Through the project, a pilot series of basic English language learning episodes and curriculums will be developed for radio broadcasting, targeting the students and potential residents of the rural communities served by the Community Radio Stations in Bangladesh. As for pilot basis, the project will be operated for one year, in 01 community Radio station -Radio Pollikantha 99.2 catchment area in MoulviBazar. Community Radio Pollykantha 99.2 is initiated by BRAC and run by local management committee.One of the important reasons to select Station for piloting is their well managed station set up and prior experience in conducting English Language broadcasting Programs for the school children. Community Radio Pollikantha 99.2 Station has got some active Radio Listeners Clubs. The program may be extended in other community radio listening areas in its next phase, considering its success and lessons learned. In a globalized world, English language is becoming increasingly demanding due to its increasing use in our business and professional sectors. Through massive use of computer, internet and mobile phones in our day-to-day lives, in less than a decade, the English language has been placed as a significant language in our commoners' lives. However, this becomes a challenge for our rural people to comply with this rapid advancement. Our traditional education system and the curriculum used at secondary levels do not keep pace with this ever-increasing demand, particularly for our youth learners in rural areas. The problem has become much more critical due to gaps between educational systems of urban and rural society. There are un-ethical differences in curriculum and teaching styles. Govt. has provided license to the initiators, by which 14 community radio stations are now operating in 14 different rural sites. These Radio stations can be a good educational platform for the larger audience at community level. An effective Radio English project will address the above perspective and contribute in improving the overall English language skill of the wider radio audience of the rural community. The success stories on development through community radio will inspire the people and give strength to fight against poverty and other struggles in their lives. Project Goal: Use Community Radio effectively in improving the English language skill of the outreach audience. Objectives: To develop and use on a pilot basis, the appropriate radio program materials for an effective "Radio English learning Project" for the rural learners in 01 community Radio station of Bangladesh. To develop radio stories on development as educational/motivational material and broadcast through community radio To consult and engage American Center, the media (radio) experts, veteran teachers and consultants from local, national and regional levels; in content development, evaluation, further improvement and extension of the project in other community radio areas of Bangladesh. Project Duration: September 2012- August 2013 For More Information:
National implementation: Bangladesh
Ongoing from 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2014
[Pilot Project English Language through Community Radio Pollikantho 99.2]

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