Intel Easy Steps Program for Adult Learners in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID)
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Intel Easy Steps Program for Adult Learners in Bangladesh
In June 2012, Intel Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding with Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID) for deployment of the Intel® Easy Steps Program. The Intel® Easy Steps program offers adult learners the opportunity for enhanced social and economic self sufficiency through digital literacy. The Intel Easy Steps materials use adult learning techniques to teach practical and applicable skills to people with minimum computer knowledge. The Intel® Easy Steps program is being carried out by Intel in Asia to address the digital literacy needs of government employees, as well as adults in rural communities, women, unemployed youth, and other underserved populations. A government needs ICT-literate labor for a competitive workforce which would bring about a competitive economy. On the other hand The program includes instructions on running Internet searches, using email, using word processors for creating resumes and other documents, creating spreadsheets, and using multimedia tools to create brochures and posters to promote small businesses. Thus the trainees can develop literacy skills and immediately start applying them into their personal or professional lives. The content is also designed to be suitable for either formal or informal education settings including vocational training centers, employer training, or shared access centers. Similar MOU’s have been signed in India, Pakistan and Philippines. In India, the Digital Empowerment Foundation utilized the Intel Easy Steps program to train participants through centers across the country, while the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Government of India trained youth volunteers through its Youth Club network using this program. In Pakistan, the Government of Sindh Ministry of IT used the program to train government employees, while another semi-government organization Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO) used Intel Easy Steps to increase the digital literacy of its employees. This program promises new horizons for the economy of Bangladesh. Hopefully a successful implementation of this project will bring about a radical reformation in the country helping many to achieve personal goals and seek new heights in the professional arena.
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