One-stop shop – e-product created in public-private partnership between BSMEPA and the Bulgarian Industrial Association and granted to municipalities in Bulgaria;

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One-stop shop – e-product created in public-private partnership between BSMEPA and the Bulgarian Industrial Association and granted to municipalities in Bulgaria;
The One-stop shop is administered by municipalities on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria thus creating the necessary technical base (equipment). The services provided are free of charge to business and physical entities. The one-stop shop includes: - all legal procedures pertaining to business start-up and establishment; - obtaining licenses; - introduction of new product and EU requirements; - taxes and financial procedures. 2. The overall objective of OP “Competitiveness” is the development of dynamic economy that is competitive on the European and world markets. In order to achieve its objective the programme encourages the development of a knowledge-based economy and innovative activities, the establishment of favorable business environment, the increase in investment and development of competitive and sustainable enterprises. The Bulgarian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA) is responsible for the management and administration of grant procedures falling under the first 2 priority axes of the operational programme. The implementation of the OP “Competitiveness” is carried out through the implementation of projects within grant procedures categorized under Priority Axis 1 “Development of knowledge-based economy and innovative activities” and Priority Axis 2 “Increasing the efficiency of enterprises and promoting supportive business environment”. The grant projects are implemented by the following target groups: start-up innovative enterprises, micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises, partner organizations comprised by Bulgarian companies, universities, Bulgarian Academy of Science, experimental laboratories, research institutes, scientific organizations, NGO’s that work for the development and distribution of science and technology. 3. The business information published on the website of BSMEPA has the following contents: - offers and enquiries submitted by companies; - information about tender and public procurement procedures. 4. Provision of mediation and facilitation on behalf of BSMEPA in finding partners for the companies that made use of the free-of-charge registration on the agency’s website. 5. Provision of access to all companies (Bulgarian and foreign) to business information (international marketing, branches of real economy), company offers and enquires, EU and national programmes in support of business development, etc.
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Bulgarian SME’s, Bulgarian municipalistes, European Commission, EU member states.

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