Rural Technology and Business Incubator

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Rural Technology and Business Incubator
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Rural Technology and Business Incubator
Rural Technology and Business Incubator enables capacity building in the Bottom of the pyramid and under served sector by supporting social and rural inclusive startups. Prior experience is not always available in the rural/social inclusive segment and so RTBI also undertakes various exploratory trials, pre-incubation experiments, business and field trials as well as technology innovation work in the areas of agriculture, financial inclusion, healthcare, energy, etc. Development and prototyping of relevant,low cost technologies is a core value that RTBI brings to its companies.
Regional implementation
Completed from 16/10/2006 to 15/10/2025
UN InfoDev, Department of Science and Technology India.

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* Enabling environment
  • Eradicate poverty and hunger
  • Achieve Universal Primary Education
  • Promote gender equality & empower women
  • Reduce child mortality
  • Improve maternal health
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Develop a global partnership for development
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  • Business Incubator
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