ictQATAR’s Q-CERT Enhances Cyber Preparedness in Critical Sectors Through Trainings

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ictQATAR’s Q-CERT Enhances Cyber Preparedness in Critical Sectors Through Trainings
Q-CERT partners with the SANS Institute to deliver specialized information security training courses to IT professionals in Qatar. Q-CERT, the Cyber Security arm of the Supreme Council of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) has partnered with the SANS Institute, world-renowned source of information security training and security certification, to deliver specialized information security training courses to IT professionals in the Government, Energy and Finance sectors in Qatar. As part of its annual plan, Q-CERT has planned this series of regular Information Security training courses to equip local organizations with technical know-how to face cyber threats and intrusions. The training courses are focused on developing technical skills of four broad categories of IT professionals involved in system administration, secure development, Cyber incident management and intrusion analysis. “Q-CERT’s mandate is empower people in the critical sectors in Qatar to be better prepared to handle security issues. This is possible through specialized training and our partnership with SANS is really beneficial,” says Engineer Noora Al-Abdulla, Q-CERT’s Cyber Security Training & Awareness Section Manager, adding, “Such hands-on training will improve organizations’ internal first response practices to minimize damage and expedite recovery operations.” Some of the topics of the specialized courses include Hacker Techniques; Exploits and Incident Handling; Securing Linux/Unix Secure Coding in Java/JEE; Secure Coding in .NET; Securing Windows; Computer Forensic Investigations; Perimeter Protection; and Intrusion Detection. Q-CERT has already conducted three training courses with a total number of 72 IT professional attendees including members from GCC-CERTs. The 5-day courses are completely subsidized by ictQATAR with a commitment from participants to attend the full course. The trainings are conducted by professional trainers, experts in their fields, from SANS Institute. Upon successfully completion of the course, participants may take an online examination to receive a Global International Security Certification (GIAC) from SANS. The courses are open to all IT professional in the Government, Finance or Energy sector, although as part the National Development Plan, priority will be given to Qatari citizens. Q-CERT may also consider faculty members from educational institutions as well as students undergoing Master’s degree course in a related subject. Interested participants can find more details of the course at www.qcert.org and register for training courses at http://goo.gl/i5jSA
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