E-Commerce Law & 'Trustae Initiative

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E-Commerce Law & 'Trustae Initiative
Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 pertaining to Electronic Commerce and Transactions (the "Law") was issued in January 2006. Shortly thereafter and in line with the UAE Government National Strategy and the Law, the Ministry of Economy issued two Ministerial Decisions (114) & (406) of 2006 establishing a committee to oversee the implementation of the Law and recommended to the Cabinet to appoint the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority as the authority entrusted with overseeing certification services in the UAE. The Law provides the base for the TRA to license, monitor, approve, and oversee the activities of Certification Service Providers and to continue providing strategic advice to current and new stakeholders who choose to conduct business online. The TRA has licensed Etisalat as a Certification Service Provider. To further boost the confidence in the electronic commerce environment, the TRA signed a MoU with Dubai eGovernment (DEG) for partnership on the Trustae Initiative. The Trustae initiative is in line with the UAE government’s strategy plan and Federal Law No (1) of 2006 pertaining to Electronic Commerce and Transactions. It is a nationwide trust mark initiative. With Trustae Seal, online businesses will be required to follow a strict code of conduct that provides reliable electronic transaction communications. The eCommerce Law and Trustae initiative facilitate the online businesses by protecting people’s rights and providing efficient delivery of services across government and non-governmental agencies.
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