e-Clinic: Bringing Quality Health Service in Rural Areas

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Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID)
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e-Clinic: Bringing Quality Health Service in Rural Areas
Telemedicine has been identified as one of the most potential tool to bring quality health service in rural areas. Considering the present health care facilities in Bangladesh, BIID has taken the initiative to start an interactive health care facility by utilizing modern technology and telecommunications. The e-Clinic project will cover the awareness building initiatives on health care among the rural communities and will use video consultations and other ICT based tools to offer basic primary health care services in rural settings. The rural underprivileged communities, mainly the women and children groups will be served with quality health care facilities of which they are deprived most. In the pilot phase, there will be a Central Management Unit located in Dhaka equipped with 'state of art' technologies and qualified health professionals, and 10 Service Delivery Points at different parts of the country with basic ICT infrastructure. The rural communities will be served in a sustainable manner by offering e-health facilities with the support of existing health service providers including the health professionals working in the rural areas. Continued Medical Education (CME) will also be introduced through the network of e-Clinic.
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