Shikor: An initiative to support MSMEs access to business information and wider markets

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Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development
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Shikor: An initiative to support MSMEs access to business information and wider markets
With a vision of empowering and up-streaming the capacity of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of Bangladesh through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based services and using online platform, BIID has introduced a web based interface designed to provide rural MSMEs with information and services about markets for their produces. The initiative recognizes one of the major challenges faced by rural MSMEs in doing business. The MSMEs in rural areas, among other things, are constrained by limited information and access to sell their products. In developing countries, most of the producers are farmers that look to sell their agricultural produce. They do not have access to market information like price of their produce in other markets, information about potential buyer of their produce etc. Only the urban, mainly the MSMEs of Dhaka have access to such facilities. Entrepreneurship skill lies at the heart of business activities of the modern world. There is a need for business support service to facilitate MSMEs with a wide variety of non-financial services such as information on access to finance, market linkages, counseling, marketing and other information and advisory services.
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