Batighar: A network of sustainable telecentres

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Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development
Civil society entities

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Batighar: A network of sustainable telecentres
BIID in partnership with Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. has introduced the Batighar business model for scaling up in all over the country. Batighar, the name derived from the English word “lighthouse”, is meant to show people correct direction. BIID will work to establish a network of 500 Batighar centres by 2011 and then upto 5000 centres by 2015. This particular business model can be distinctively characterized as a structured commercial model for for-profit telecenter ventures, which, are undertaken by entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations. It can also be termed as “entrepreneurship model”. At these Batighar branded centres, the public can benefit from a range of ICT based services at a very reasonable rate.
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Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited

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