Schools and Communities ICT Project (Discover I.T).

Details of the organization
EKOICT and Technology Student's Association of Ghana Telecom University College
Business sector entities

Information about the project
Schools and Communities ICT Project (Discover I.T).
Using new and refurbished computer systems Provide I.C.T. Center/Laboratories and Training for Public Basic Schools (Primary & Junior High schools). Each centre with at least 100 computers and necessary equipments to cater for up-to 2,500 pupils and teachers in each cluster of school; For a termly contribute GHc3.00 – GHc5.00 towards operational, maintenance and provision of ICT learning materials. During none-school hours (after classes, weekends, holidays and vacations), the centre shall be used to provide affordable ICT services to the communities, which in-turn will create more revenue to maintain and expand the project to other cluster of schools in the country.
National implementation:
Planned for future from 12/01/2010 to 12/31/2015

WSIS information
* The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development
      * ICT for sustainable development
      * E-participation
      * Partnerships
* Information and communication infrastructure
* Access to information and knowledge
* Capacity building
* Enabling environment
* ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life
      * E-government
         * Knowledge management
      * E-business
         * E-commerce and e-trade
         * Enabling environment
         * SME competitiveness
         * Technology and innovation
         * Supply chains and outsourcing
      * E-learning
      * E-health
      * E-employment
         * Professional training
         * Role of social actors
      * E-environment
         * Ensure sustainable ICTs
      * E-science
* Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content
* Media
* Ethical dimensions of the Information Society
* International and regional cooperation
  • Eradicate poverty and hunger
  • Achieve Universal Primary Education
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Develop a global partnership for development
  • Project
  • Training initiative
The project is being considered as contributing to the objectives of the ITU Connect the World initiative? Yes