Delivery of e-Services in Civil Society

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Delivery of e-Services in Civil Society
This workshop took place during December 2009. It aimed at increasing the awareness, capacities and capabilities of selected NGOs in the ESCWA region to provide and use e-commerce services that are based on the priorities and development needs of citizens and communities. It also looked into the impact that portal technologies and e-commerce applications may have on the sustainability of NGOs. It further encouraged NGOs to use already existing e-commerce applications in order to increase economic opportunities and to expand markets and client bases. A Web-based forum complemented the workshop and is currently being used by NGOs to discuss and assess their progress with respect to promoting and using e-commerce services, creating new economic opportunities, expanding outreach and encouraging the participation of communities in an NGO’s activities.
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Completed from 28/12/2009 to 29/12/2009

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