Workshop on Investment in the ICT Sector

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UNESCWA (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia)
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Workshop on Investment in the ICT Sector
The main objective of the meeting was to provide ESCWA countries with a better understanding of policies, strategies, mechanisms, modalities and tools for promoting ICT investments. The workshop covered the following topics: a) Policies, strategies and mechanisms for boosting investment in the ICT sector; b) Complementarities of the public and private sectors in financing ICT initiatives; c) Framework for promoting ICT investments at the national and regional levels; d) Venture capital, angel financing and entrepreneurship in the ICT sector; e) Striking the right balance between entrepreneurs and investors; f) Investments during an economic recession; and g) Best investment practices.
Regional implementation
Completed from 5/5/2009 to 7/5/2009

WSIS information
* The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development
      * ICT for sustainable development
      * National e-strategies
      * Partnerships
* Information and communication infrastructure
* Access to information and knowledge
* ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life
      * E-business
         * Enabling environment
         * SME competitiveness
         * Technology and innovation
         * Supply chains and outsourcing
  • Eradicate poverty and hunger
  • Develop a global partnership for development
  • Training initiative
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