Managing and Operating Community Knowledge Center (CKC) in four regions of Oman

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Managing and Operating Community Knowledge Center (CKC) in four regions of Oman
The Managing and Operating Community Knowledge Centre (CKC) Contract has been Signed today at ITA’s premises. The contract was signed by Dr Salim Al-Ruzaiqi, CEO of ITA, and Ms Hind Suhail Bahwan, the chairperson of Bahwan CyberTek. Establishment of the CKCs is part of the Community IT Training (CITT) Project which falls under the umbrella of the ‘National IT Training & Awareness Framework Initiative (NITTA). The NITTA is a government, nation-wide eOman initiative aimed at developing ICT skills capability and increasing ICT awareness within the government and the community The main objective of the CITT Project undertaken by ITA is to train citizens of the community on IT basic skills in order to reduce IT illiteracy and to bridge the digital divide. In order to realize these objectives, ITA aims to establish several Community Knowledge Centers in different parts of the Sultanate. As a start, there will be hour (4) CKC established in 4 main regions; in Muscat at the Sultan Qaboos Complex, in Sohar at Sohar Complex, in Sur at the Sport Centre and in Salalah at Salalah college of Technology. CKCs are equipped with computers, Internet connectivity and educational IT programs. Each centre has its own program and event schedule that allows any citizen interested to register for and join the training programs.
Local implementation: --- lo
Planned for future from September 2009 to Septemper 2012

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* The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development
      * ICT for sustainable development
      * National e-strategies
      * E-participation
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  • Achieve Universal Primary Education
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