CDMA 450 Mhz Services Basic Wireless Telephony, Data Transmission, Public Telephony

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Startel Bolivia
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CDMA 450 Mhz Services Basic Wireless Telephony, Data Transmission, Public Telephony
Startel has the license issued by the Superintendence of Gtelecommunicactions to be operator in the 450Mhz CDMA frecuency in order to give services of basic telephony, public telephony, data transmission Internet, Dial Up ADSL, National, INternational Telephony,and value added services in the whole country in Bolivia. The Market in Bolivia is reflected by the enourmus difference between the cities and the rural area which was not attended by telecommunications operators and services until today. There from the big necessity of implementation of this project to reduce the digital break and to help to develop population and areas that area under the line of the extremly poverty
National implementation:
Ongoing from
None, Startel is open te receive venture capital, loans, grants, and to releas part of the stocks of the company to the potencial investors

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