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Contributions to the Unicode Standard
SIL has submitted and contributed to many proposals to extend the Unicode Standard to include special characters needed to write minority languages. Inclusion in the standard is necessary in order to provide adequate software and operating system support; without such support minority language speakers remain on the far side of the "digital divide." Scripts that SIL has worked with in the past several years include: Tai Viet - entire script Lanna (Tai Tham) - entire script Lisu - entire script Devanagari - extensions Myanmar - extensions Latin - extensions Cyrillic - extensions Arabic - documentation of encoding Dai Banna (New Tai Lue) - extensions Vai - research assistance Cham - research assistance
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Tai Viet - Tai Viet Working Group, UNESCO, Script Encoding Initiative Vai - Lutheran Bible Translators, Liberia Bible Translation and Literacy Organization Latin - Lutheran Bible Translators, Pioneer Bible Translators Cyrillic - Institute for Bible Translation (Институт перевода Библии) Dai Banna - Payap University, Yunnan Minority Language Commission Lanna - Payap University, Michael Everson (Evertype), Chiang Mai University Lisu - Yunnan Minority Language Commission, et al. (see acknowledgements: Myanmar - Payap University, Michael Everson (Evertype)

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