Telecasting Rural India

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Tata Teleservices Ltd
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Telecasting Rural India
Tata Teleservices has connected 66 schools across the coastal areas in India with internet. Internet has lent dimensions to the creativity of these children who in turn have responded through the medium of finding new expression and creative ways to grow. Through an NGO, SPW, at Mambakkam higher secondary school in rural Tamil nadu that has 2000 students this internet line has enabled them to develop a physical model of a vandegraff generator that can smash atoms and segregate the +ve and -ve ions. This was made possible by the school by reaching out to international student community and seeking the help. The development enabled the school to be judged the best school in the district of Kanjeevaram. Truly a joy, where children still go barefeet to the school. Value : USD 50 000 Expected outcome : Increase in knowledge and connectivity for the student community.
National implementation:
Completed from July 2006 to 2007

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