Promoting Appropriate Technologies and Policies to Uphold the Value

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Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication
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Promoting Appropriate Technologies and Policies to Uphold the Value
BNNRC undertakes the following core activities to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): 1. Awareness raising on the correlations of ICT, poverty alleviation and Institutionalization of Democracy 2. Establishment of ICT Resource Center and Promotion of Radio Listeners Club as primary ICT catalyst in remote rural areas 3. Advocacy and Campaign for Bridge the Digital Divide/Information Divide 4. Piloting of ICT4D projects at rural areas to create show case examples for greater multiplication 5. Establishment Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) . BNNRC runs a number of rural knowledge centres and organizes workshops on how to set up and manage these centres. Value : $ 9.31 million USD Expected outcome - To create mass awareness on ICT use and its correlation to poverty alleviation and institutionalization of democracy. - To create a ICT resource base and young student catalyst especially in coastal area who will consider ICT as a basic human right not as mere privilege. - To promote critical civil society in providing alternative policy options in view of ICT not as mere privilege but also as human rights
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Ongoing from 2005 to 2008

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* Information and communication infrastructure
* Capacity building
* ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life
      * E-learning
* Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content
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