Rural Telecommunications, ICT Services and Entrepreneurship Development in Africa

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Rural Telecommunications, ICT Services and Entrepreneurship Development in Africa
The Republic of South Africa, ITU and UPU have launched a joint project on Rural Telecommunications, ICT Services and Entrepreneurship Development . Objectives of the Project: Implementation of public access facilities through public institutions for example post offices, schools and hospitals; Provision of appropriate ICT Services through private sector investment, private institutions and entrepreneurs; Promote the development of rural telecom operators to provide services in rural and remote areas; Leverage the emergence of small entrepreneurs using their own resources or funds from financial institutions based on sound business plans and appropriate regulatory framework Promote the establishment and operation of community access facilities by individuals through micro-financing institutions. Role of the UPU: • Support the project within the framework of technical assistance programme e.g provision of expertise, short-term training of personnel, evaluation of benefits derived from the project etc. • Forward to ITU all relevant information about activities executed under the project Cooperation agreement signed on 18th November 2005 in Tunis on the occasion of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) by the Minister of Communications of The Republic of South Africa, Deputy Secretary General of ITU and Director General of the UPU Project Document covering all aspects, stages of work and responsibilities was signed by all three parties by December 2006 A project kick off meeting is planned for end of March 2007 - beginning of April 2007 Consultation on identification of countries and discussion with South Africa is ongoing Monitoring and evaluation by ITU, UPU, South Africa and the Governments after 1 year
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