Establishment of multipurpose community telecentres in Afghanistan

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UPU (Universal Postal Union)
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Establishment of multipurpose community telecentres in Afghanistan
The Deputy Minister of Communications of Afghanistan, who participated in the UPU Strategic Conference held in Geneva in October 2002, requested assistance from the ITU and the UPU for establishing Telecentres at post offices. In response to this request, the ITU and the UPU decided to help Afghanistan with a project for establishing Telecentres at post offices. An expert on a mission for the UPU identified that Express Mail Service (EMS) and money transfer service with the UPU’s electronic systems International Postal System (IPS) and International Financial System (IFS) would be possible services to be provided through multipurpose community centres at post offices. Based on the preparatory mission, the ITU prepared a draft project document in consultation with the UPU in 2004. It was indicated that the project should enable post offices to offer multiple services including money transfer services and EMS through the use of ICT. It was identified in the draft document that the UPU’s contribution would be the assistance to introduce EMS and money transfer service including the eventual introduction of their electronic systems (IPS and IFS). The project document is under the stage of finalization. It will be circulated to all parties for signature through mail circulation. India is already about to install telecentres in 11 cities.
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Ongoing from 2002
ITU India

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