E-shopping through Posts

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E-shopping through Posts
This activity is based on two key elements of nowadays economic life. On the one hand, the number of Internet users grows constantly year by year, which drives the demand for e-commerce services up. On the other hand, development of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is crucial in any economic area, given their importance and presence. SMEs always comprise the bulk of enterprises and represents a way for women to enter the job market. A development constraints for SMEs is the fact that they do not have established brand names, and online customers prefer to trust well-known brands rather than buying from unkown companies over the Internet. In this regard, Posts are in an advantage position to play the role of trusted third-party in the E-commerce field. Furthermore, Posts are in a favourable position due to the unmatched geographical coverage and brand name as well as logistics competencies around the world. In this configuration, the role for the UPU is crucial and is made of the following (among others): - consider parcels and express mail services as a package offered for electronic commerce; - ensure legal and technical interoperability for E-commerce delivery and payment related services; - develop and promote a global postal trustmark for E-commerce in coordination with other global postal e-services branding initatives; - sponsor the development of a global marketplace for E-commerce delivery and payment related services; - organize workshops and conferences on the topic. (The latest activity in this area was the organization of a workshop on E-Shopping at the UPU headquarters in February 2007. See http://www.upu.int/e-commerce/en/workshop.shtml for more information.)
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